Wednesday, December 17, 2014

True Purpose Of The Electronic Distortion [VA]

A.A. VV.

True Purpose Of The Electronic Distortion
Catalogue: NN_Comp003_03_14
Format: MP3 [320 Kbps]
Release Date: March 3rd 2014
Total Running Time: 3h / 10m / 45s

• grey_blue_red_grey - Robert Lippok*
• Luna Park – Herself
• La mia anestesia – Jenseits**
• Wandering Infected Smog - Walter Fini
• Cyxt - Pablo Ribot
• Elevation - Massimo Ruberti
• Prismes - TritoNn
• Perfect Cubes - Mystified
• Free Jazz dei poveri - Camillo Amalfi
• Grain Forest n. 6 - Aos Crowley
• Permafrost - Plasmat
• Blurred vision - Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide [DSIP]
• iFlute - T.Bird
• Lacustre - Hortus Conclusus
• I Hope - M. Manzella & A. Scalia (feat. Pietro La Mattina)
• Canzonetta alla riva del fiume - Basciano
• # track five - Petit (feat. Marco Manzella)
• Cosmosis - Huixtralizer
• Cranial rhythmic impulse - Pharmakustik
• Spirito kaj materio - Empirical Evidence
• Breathy Blows - Jack Hertz
• W.O.K.CG. - Paolino Canzoneri
• Snow Lotus - Andrey Kireyev
• Dorm Mistress - Metek
• Off me - Orca\\Biplob
• The imaginary tale of an hypertrophic tooth - 23RedAnts
• The weather you not expect - Nesting Error
• Decoding lost transmission (from a forgotten interplanetary mission) - Baumann.electronics
• Virgil Remixing His Journey Through Hell - Jelena Glazova
• Into the Mystic Void - Scott Lawlor
* Robert Lippok publisher: La Chunga Music Publishing.
Recorded at Ethnological Museum Dahlem Berlin and at Pataphysical Mix Tape Berlin.
** from the digital album "Cioran II" released on 2008/12/09
with serial number: pw019 for probablyworse netlabel.
Thanks to Andrew Antle for permission.

"There's no two without three" or "Three is the perfect number".. you choose which one is more suitable for introducing this third anniversary compilation that every year gives us the opportunity to prepare this special release of previously unreleased tracks by a lot of great artists. This year, the huge compilation features music by professional artists such as and which goes a special thanks for having participated with other emerging artists that deserve special treatment that Nostress Netlabel reserves. The introduction of new catalogs of physical media supports such as CDs and your kind donations, has offered to us the opportunity to be able to have the necessary funds to organize events and local concerts and for that we are grateful. We continue our work with pride and hope to be able to do more and learn about new artists and music of great interest.

Object Series by PanduHidayat Of CONTROL-Z - Produced, Recorded & Composed in Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2013 Download Track

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